Songwriting Guitar Retreat – France


03/09/2024 -10/09/2024

A week long residential retreat in a magical setting in The Dordogne, France, practising the art and craft of song writing for guitarists, singers, other instrumentalists and non playing writers alike.

Over the week you will be taught and guided to complete your own compositions in the company of other budding song writers. There will be classes on song structure and composition, lyric writing, rhyming structures, chord progressions, arrangements, song style, rhythm, keys, melody, chord theory and its use for song writing. Plus professional tips tricks, brainstorming and a whole lot more. Plus of course lots of  guitar playing, song swapping, singing and jam sessions in the evenings!

Partners are very welcome to come too and just relax for the week and enjoy the music, space, atmosphere and gourmet food.