Creative Acoustic with Chris Woods

June 5th – 7th

Wednesday 12pm –  Friday 12pm

Breathe new life into your acoustic guitar playing whatever level you are at. In this enlightening course, tutor Chris Woods (Chris Woods Groove Orchestra) will be offering inspiration in bucket loads! Teaching a huge range of fresh approaches, techniques and ideas for us all to use in our own unique way.  With different skills tailored to suit all abilities Chris employs musical ideas that are inspiring to advanced players and beginners alike. The many different ideas and approaches are designed to breathe new life into your playing and unlock your creativity. Chris will be visiting everything from playing by ear to usable music theory, rhythm techniques to percussive fingerstyle, using a loop station and improvising with others. Expect to finish the course with a host of exciting new ideas and abilities to add to your playing and practise. This course will help you whether you are in a creative rut and want to get out of it, or your already feeling inspired and want to explore new areas of acoustic playing. This retreat will fuel your creativity and make picking up your guitar an exciting adventure every time!

  • Explore rhythms from around the world
  • Percussive techniques
  • Altered Tunings
  • Using a loop station (with BOSS loop stations to try out)
  • Creative strumming patterns/grooves
  • Creative finger picking
  • Harmonics/ tapping/ slapping/ special effects
  • Unique time signatures
  • Modes explained and simplified
  • Creating melodies
  • Improvising/ear playing
  • Composing/arranging