Cotswolds Country House Retreat (No3)

June 5th- 8th 2022 – Dumbleton Hall Hotel, Evesham, Worcestershire

Sunday 1pm – Wednesday 1pm 
This fantastic new venue will be home to our latest Guitar Retreat experiences. BANDCAMP> Part tuition, part practice, part jamming , part performance and a whole lot of fun!  The program of tuition and coaching we have devised aims to give you ‘a band member experience’. Play your part in a small group, trio or duo and learn the skills needed to take a chosen song to performance level together. At the same time you will Improve your guitar playing, timing, musicianship, performance and vocal skills (only if you want to sing!). The musical content will be freestyle, multi genre and multi-discipline.

The retreat will take place over four days three nights and incorporates a non-competitive, fun group concert each night.  Providing participants with a safe, friendly environment and opportunity to showcase their individual /group talents. Putting into practise everything you will learn along the way.  Have no fear, two of our most experienced tutors are involved in the process every step of the way and will be there to support and encourage you to bring out your best. You will leave with more confidence to perform in front of others plus hopefully a few new band mates!

Its also perfect place for partners to come and simply relax and enjoy the sumptuous surroundings, great food and accommodation. Altogether its the quintessential Cotswolds Country House retreat.