Guitar, Body and Soul Retreat – Morocco

27th Nov – 4th Dec  2024

Our latest foreign adventure is entitled the ‘Guitar, Body and Soul Retreat’ because on this very special week long event we aim to provide an experience that invigorates all these things at the same time! A relaxing holiday with time and space to learn, practise and play whilst exploring an ancient culture rich in colourful sights, sounds and tastes, food for all the senses. It will take place in the beautiful ancient walled town of Taroudant in the south of Morocco, located within sight of the Atlas Mountain range. The stunning venue La Maison Anglaise incorporates beautiful eco gardens, cool shaded areas and a central swimming pool within a modern building complex. The venue combines traditional and innovative sustainable design with all modern amenities and comforts you could wish for. The beautiful courtyard and terrace and, airy, en-suite bedrooms makes this is the perfect place to bring your partners too as they can simply relax , sight see or take part in many different creative activities on offer, while you strum away!

The musical theme for this week is ‘Campfire Friendly Songs for guitarists and singers’ – How to choose, arrange, play and perform them with confidence.

We will spend the week learning and playing through a range of well known songs in different styles and genres, all of which are suitable for performing to small groups, with the aim of encouraging group participation. This might be round a campfire, at an open mic session or at any small gathering where you might be asked to perform or want to play something simple, inclusive and within your abilities. We will discuss song choice and explore how to adapt and arrange songs so that they are tailored to your abilities and the environment in which they are performed. The week is dedicated to honing your current skill set and practising performing songs in a fun, safe and supportive environment with the aim of improving your confidence when playing in public.

Places are limited to 14 players (plus partners).