Beatles Guitar Secrets – Abbey Road (1)

APRIL 2024

With Gary McCausland and Stuart Marshall

April 11th – 13th 2024 , Thursday 12pm – Saturday 1pm, Swindon, Wiltshire

The latest in our series of extremely popular Beatles themed retreats. On this retreat we will take an in depth look at the many different guitar styles and techniques employed on the ‘Abbey Road’ album.  Taking apart classic timeless songs such as Come together, Something, Here Comes the Sun, Octopus’s garden and a cornucopia of fantastic guitar parts on all the other songs too. In fact too much to learn in one retreat, so we have divided Abbey Road into two parts and will focus mostly on side one of the album this time.

Fellow Beatles fanatic and hugely talented guitarist Gary McCausland,  joins me once again to share his undying love for everything Beatles and give you the low down on the guitar parts, guitars, gear, stories and myths of the most famous band in history. We will give you the low down on the classic and innovative rhythm parts, hooks, chords, riffs and lead lines that make up the fantastic collection on Abbey Road. Dissecting every aspect and presenting it with detailed chord charts and tab.  You will come back with a ton of new interesting ways to play.   No guitar players repertoire would be complete without a few tips from John, Paul and George.

The material covered will be tailored to suit both acoustic and electric guitar players and all skill levels are welcome to participate.