October 2023 – Blues Jam Retreat

29/10/2023 – 31/10/2023

From Sunday 12pm – To Tuesday 12pm

Learn the ‘secrets’ to playing classic acoustic blues licks, riffs and runs!   

How do I learn to play a blues in any key? How does Robert Johnson get those great licks?

How can I put a good solo together?

How many notes make a good solo?

How can I play something that sounds different but fits in?

If the tempo is fast, do I have to play fast? 

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, this is the retreat for you! 

Over the course of the retreat participants will learn to play blues chord progressions in different keys, moving on to learn how they can be used effectively in duo, trio and group performances.  

Techniques we’ll be looking at will include; Bending notes (which ones and when to use them), playing rhythm back up and keeping good time, what makes a good fill/lick, how to use open’ tunings, using a capo when playing with others. We will be learning how to play all these skills in 4 different keys; E, A, D and G. And once you learn them they will be applicable to all keys.    

The retreat is open to all abilities. Those new to a blues jam situation will be well catered for but there is plenty of scope for intermediate and advanced players also to get involved and learn something new. Some experience of finger style playing would be an advantage but not essential.  

Our tutor is the one and only Adam Franklin , simply one of the best acoustic blues players in the UK. Follow the link to his website to learn more about Adam and listen to his recorded output. 

The venue is the magnificent Dumbleton Hall in the Cotswolds. This venue is perfect for our needs, with plenty of break out spaces for jamming and rehearsing with small groups. Its going to be a jam to remember!