Happy New Guitar Year! 2018



Hello 2018! 


I love the start of a new year and the possibilities that lie ahead, it is a time to re-invent yourself if only for a few weeks until old habits kick back in! A time to renew your commitment to a project or a cause or practise, such as learning to play the guitar better!  With that in mind I have set myself a few challenges – 1) learn one new song every week, 2) attempt to master the use of a thumpick and 3) learn to perfect a classic rock solo!!………though I havent decided which one yet I can tell you it won’t be Stairway To Heaven! 


I am also re-reading a great book, ‘Zen Guitar’ by Philip Toshio Sudo that I discovered years ago and then gave away to another guitarist only to have it given to me as a present recently by a retreat regular (thanks again Brian 🙂 . It’s not a standard guitar teaching book in any way; there are no chord charts, scales or exercises. Instead it delves into the many different mental states we take on when playing and practising. It’s fascinating to read how famous guitarists think differently about the instrument and the what, why and when behind their playing style. It provides a fresh look at what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. I highly recommend getting hold of a copy.


Of course there is no better way to get advice, inspiration and improve your playing than by attending a Guitar Retreat!  So why not make it a new years resoloution to come along on one or two this year? Just making a booking will give you a push to practise more often!  Seriously though if you are thinking of coming on an event this year don’t leave it too late to put a deposit on a place, we have limited spaces and they are already filling fast for 2018. All of our events were over subscribed last year and there were a few disappointed people. To those of you who missed out all I can say is don’t let that put you off – Carpe Diem!


First up for 2018 we are really excited to be travelling to Portugal in two weeks time to start the year as we mean to continue with some fun in the sun with our guitars. Guitar Getaway In The Algarve  Feeling spontaneous? Its not too late to join us!


We will report back on all the shennanagins next month and we look forward to meeting up with many old and new faces this year. Until then cheerio and a Very Happy New Guitar Year!