The Beatles Guitar Secrets (Part One, 1962 – 65)  

Bude, Cornwall

22/11/2019- 24/11/2019

Arrival time Friday afternoon/ evening – Departure time Sunday afternoon


A weekend focusing on the songs and guitar playing of the greatest guitar  bands of all time – The Beatles. we will take an in depth look at the many different styles and techniques employed by George, John and Paul in the early part of their career.

learn the many classic and innovative rhythm parts, hooks, chords and riffs that makes their music so iconic and musically exciting for guitar players everywhere. With a ton of timeless songs to choose from we will examine in detail the guitar parts of the band that changed history and get under the skin of the music. No guitar players repertoire would be complete without a few songs by Lennon, McCartney and Harrison.

Lessons will be tailored for both acoustic and electric guitar players and all skill levels are welcome.